WHO: Brayton, Sipes, Ray, Rape
WHAT:  Pulp MX
WHERE: California
GEAR: Rig Pro 9800 


Brayton, Sipes, Ray, Raper on Pulpmx Show Tonight! 

Lots to talk about when it comes to the 2022 SX series and tonight on the Pulpmx Show presented by Motosport.com, Fly Racing and DeCal Works, we’ll have a couple of past 250SX champs in-studio.

Host Steve Matthes will welcome in Yamaha’s Travis Preston and TLD Gas-Gas’s Wil Hahn in-studio to talk about the racing now, back in their day and more. 

Justin Brayton had a rough Indianapolis with a practice crash but we’ll catch up to him anyways to talk about his farewell season, his time with our two co-hosts and more. 

Ryan Sipes has been laid up with an injury lately but he’s been watching the races so we’ll talk to him about the season so far, his Indianapolis Speedway fun, his history with our two co-hosts and more. 

Our guy Alex Ray certainly had an eventful night in Indy with a DQ after an altercation with another rider. We’ll call our buddy A Ray and find out the what, why and where of all of that mess. 

His “partner” in this incident was privateer Devon Raper and he’s a long time racer out there.

Him and Alex are even somewhat teammates! We’ll explain that and more when we call Devon tonight on the show. 

March 21, 2022