WHAT:  Martinez, Weigandt, Riesenberg and Scism on Pulpmx Show Tonight!
WHERE: Nevada
GEAR: Rig 9800 Pro


Martinez, Weigandt, Riesenberg and Scism on Pulpmx Show Tonight! Lots to talk about tonight on the Pulpmx Show presented by Motosport.com, Fly Racing and DeCal Works.

The newly SuperMotoCross series was announced as well as wrapping up Loretta Lynn’s and of course, round nine of the Luca Oil Pro Motocross Championships coming up this weekend. 

Tonight on the show host Steve Matthes will welcome on Renthal’s Paul Perebijnos to recap all of this, offer up some educated thoughts and more. 

Cole Martinez wrapped up a successful Loretta’s with a pair of titles and he’ll come on to talk about that, why he gave up his SX dream, what’s next for him and more. 

Jason Weigandt did the whole damm week at the Ranch and saw and heard everything that happened there. We’ll get Weege on to talk to us about what went down, who surprised, who disappointed and more. 

Jeremy Scism, the owner of AEO Powersports, has had a successful season as a privateer team owner and he’ll call in to talk about that, owning a business in this industry, silly season for 2023 and more. 

Race Tech’s Chris “Checkerz” Riesenberg was at the ranch and will call in to rap about that, Race Tech, D-Bo and more. 

Got a question for the show? Tweet @pulpmxshow and our guys Tits or Tallon will do his best to get it answered on the Motosport.com Tweet at Tits segment.

August 08, 2022