WHO: SMX Championship
WHAT:  Jett and Hunter Lawrence
WHERE: California
GEAR: Rig T3
The Lawrence brothers get it done, earning both 2023 250SX titles! Jett had a great season never once landing off the podium against a stacked class. Hunter also had a seamless season, taking home a career best 7 wins this season and also never landing off the podium. 
For Jett this makes him a 4 time champion and closes this chapter in his career as he moves on to the premier class for the outdoor season and SMX championship. We are excited to see how he stacks up against the worlds best!
For Hunter this is his first championship and a well deserved one at that! We are ready to see him dominate in the 250 class and earn an outdoors title for himself before moving up and joining his brother in the 450 class in 2024
Congratulations to the Lawrence Brothers! Rest up, enjoy your week off and we will be ready to see you at Pala for Outdoors!
May 10, 2023