WHO: SML Interview on the Fox Racing Podcast
WHAT:  Ryder DiFrancesco
WHERE: Southern California
GEAR: Rig 9800
From SML:
"The fifth annual Mini Major is going down this weekend at State Fair MX Park in Perris, California, and with over 1000 entries filling a 34-moto schedule, there is plenty going on in the pits and on the track. Kawasaki Team Green’s Ryder DiFrancesco is a former winner of the event and has recently made the jump to big bikes, and he is on hand to lead out the parade laps and interact with his friends and fans at the OGIO Powersports booth. We had a fun chat with Ryder D in between parade laps and got the down-low on everything from his recent number switch to his mini career highlights to what it’s really like to train with Ivan Tedesco. Check it out!"
October 01, 2020