WHAT:  ROUND 3 of the 2020 Supercross Season!
WHERE: Anaheim, California
GEAR: Rig 9800

250 West

There were certainly fireworks blazing this past weekend at Angel Stadium of Anaheim! While some came out on top, nobody left without some serious bumps and bruises. Let’s just get this out of the way, the 250 SX Main event was intense, exciting, and full of huge surprises. Jett Lawrence is for real and while his speed wasn’t a huge surprise, controlling the lead till the final lap, absolutely was. Unfortunately, Jett was not only passed by Dylan Ferrandis but also took a massive spill over the bars resulting in a concussion, as well as a broken collarbone. Get well soon Jett! What will undoubtedly be remembered for years to come, is the incident between Dylan Ferrandis and Christian Craig. These are two very experienced racers going hard in the main event and this weekend a clean pass was not the case. Dylan was going fast…..Christian was going fast….Dylan went for it and unfortunately, it was a miscalculation on his part causing both to go down. While Dylan managed to get up and win the race, it was not without controversy and in the end, he was hit with a 12month probation along with some of the loudest boo’s we’ve heard in a very long time. We know Dylan and we know he’s a great racer and a great person and he did not do this intentionally. He’s apologized (see Swap Moto Link below) profusely and we look forward to a great battle this weekend in Arizona.

We’d like to give some shout outs to some hard-working privateers. AJE’s Jacob Hayes finished with another top 10 with an 8th and true privateer Cheyenne Harmon, qualifying straight from his heat race and 20th in the main event, respectively. Great work guys!

SML HWYW Link: https://www.swapmotolive.com/2020-anaheim-two-supercross-how-was-your-weekend/videos-theater/how-was-your-weekend/



250 Main Event
1. Dylan Ferrandis (Yamaha) OGIO
2. Justin Cooper (Yamaha) OGIO
3. Brandon Hartranft (KTM)
4. Michael Mosiman (Husqvarna) OGIO
5. Alex Martin (Suzuki) OGIO
6. Luke Clout (Honda)
7. Mitchell Oldenburg (Honda) OGIO
8. Jacob Hayes (Husqvarna) OGIO
9. Jett Lawrence (Honda) OGIO
10. Killian Auberson (Husqvarna) OGIO
11. Jay Wilson (Yamaha)
12. Carson Brown (Husqvarna)
13. Aaron Tanti (Yamaha)
14. Robbie Wageman (Yamaha) OGIO
15. Logan Karnow (Kawasaki)
16. Martin Castelo (Husqvarna)
17. Austin Forkner (Kawasaki) OGIO
18. Derek Drake (KTM)
19. Ludovic Macler (Kawasaki)
20. Cheyenne Harmon ((Honda) OGIO
21. Lorenzo Comporese (Kawasaki)
22. Christian Craig (Honda) OGIO


450 Premier Class:

The premier class was a bit less eventful but nonetheless provided for some great racing. Roczen was able to get out front early but did eventually succumb to the pressure and speed of Eli Tomac. Our main man Cooper Webb rebounded nicely from last weekend and put his Red Bull KTM back on the box, proving he is ready to defend his #1 plate! There are so many front runners and past champions in 2020, even cracking the top 10 of the 450 class main event is a feat in itself. We are proud to see our likable racer and personality Dean Wilson, get himself his first top 10 of the season. Congrats Deano!! Shout outs to our guys Zach Osborne, Jason Anderson, Adam Cianciarulo, Justin Brayton, and Malcolm Stewart for their solid finishes on the night, as well as Ryan Breece, getting his HEP Suzuki into the main event.

See you in Glendale Arizona!


450 Main Event
1. Eli Tomac (Kawasaki)
2. Ken Roczen (Honda)
3. Cooper Webb (KTM) OGIO
4. Zach Osborne (Husqvarna) OGIO
5. Jason Anderson (Husqvarna) OGIO
6. Adam Cianciarulo (Kawasaki) OGIO
7. Justin Brayton (Honda) OGIO
8. Malcolm Stewart (Honda) OGIO
9. Justin Barcia  (Yamaha)
10. Dean Wilson (Husqvarna) OGIO
11. Vince Friese (Honda) OGIO
12. Justin Hill (Honda) OGIO
13. Martin Davalos (KTM) OGIO
14. Blake Baggett (KTM) OGIO
Aaron Plessinger (Yamaha) OGIO
16. Justin Bogle (KTM) OGIO
17. Tyler Bowers (Kawasaki)
18. Chad Reed (Honda)
19. Chris Blose (Honda) OGIO
20. Ryan Breece (Suzuki) OGIO
21. Alex Ray (Kawasaki) OGIO
22. Benny Bloss (Yamaha) OGIO

January 22, 2020 — OGIO Powersports